Happy birthday, Marley


Marley turned 3 years old on May 4th.


"You celebrate your dog's birthday?" one might ask, but ever since I was a child, I always prepared gifts and cakes for my dog's birthday or for Christmas. I mean, isn't it sad to leave one person out of the celebrations? lol. I might have talked about this already, but I once bought cookies for the dog I had when I was 11, and I left the cookies on the table to buy some wrapping paper. When I came home excitedly, my father had opened the box of cookies and was eating them and I cried so hard. lol. "I bought them with my own savings! Now I don't have a present to give Taro this year! Poor Taro! (My dog's name. For some reason, I gave my corgi a super Japanese name.)" I remember feeling really upset about it. Later, my older sister scolded my father for it. So sweet. lol.

With this kind of history, I still try to celebrate Marley's birthday every year.

For Marley's birthday this year, I ordered a doggie cake.


I ordered a personalized portrait dog cake.

Of course, everything is edible. If your dog has allergies, just inform the shop and they will make it allergy-free.

★I was taking too many pictures and Marley got a bit impatient and angry. lol.


This is the cake shop that I ordered the cake from: Atelier Waf

Just place your order, send a picture, and that's it! To be safe, order around 1 month in advance.

Why not order a cake for your dog or cat??