Hello! It's Minami.



I'm going to write about my diet in this blog.

I have started dieting in November of 2015, and it has been 4 months.

I've lost 4kg!!

Previously, I loved hamburgers, pasta, and chips, and I used to eat them 3 times a week, on a bad week.


My friends ask me how I did it, so this time, I wanted to share with the CREAM TEAM+ also.


When I think about my recent eating habits,

Eat carbs for breakfast. I think there are a lot of people who do the diet without carbs, but I personally was never able to keep at it.

I love rice, pasta, and bread, so it was really stressful to not be able to eat them.

By eating bread or rice for breakfast, I get energy, and they keep me full longer, so I don't get hungry right away. If I get hungry,

Then I feel like will eat something again and it will become the reason why I can't stick to my diet.

But if I'm going to eat carbs, I try to choose brown rice or mixed rice, rather than white rice, and whole wheat or rye bread, rather than white bread. I recommend it because even as the same carbohydrate, it is more nutritious.


And I omit carbohydrates from the second meal. Mostly Shabu Shabu and hot pot recently. I eat Yakiniku often too. But I do try to pick not-so-greasy things when I go eat it. Loin, and red meats. And of course, rice and beer are NG

And here is the important point. Once a week, for only one meal, you can eat whatever you want. For that one meal, you can forget that you are on a diet. For me, mostly hamburgers and pasta, I think.

But I have been keeping this diet recently. I don't know if it's because of that, but my taste has changed and I don't prefer oily things any more. When I recently ate some potato chips, they were too greasy and I stopped after just 2 chips. I never thought I would be like this, as someone who loved junk food so much. Interesting.


I am just telling you what I learned, but when I kept at it, I lost weight. It might be hard at first, but after 2 weeks, it does get easier, and I'm sure it will get more fun when you hear people tell you that you have lost some weight! I don't know if it was helpful. If anyone is interested in dieting, do try it.

A perfect restaurant for someone on a diet:

CRISP SALAD WORKS (http://www.crisp.co.jp)

I highly recommend the salads here. And I love the creamy Sriracha dressing!



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