One-man opening day!!!



Good ebening
This is Stacks!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the first one-man event

Since this was the first one-man in a while there was nervousness and excitement aplenty, but with the end of the first day I feel immersed in good vibrations
I was so happy to see that everyone enjoyed all the various songs I sang, from old to brand-new!
One-man shows are really great~.
Nothing is better than singing a whole lot.
I think the set tonight was energetic enough to make it feel like it ended in a flash!
I'm so glad there was a lot of interest in the merchandise~
I designed about half of the goods, but this time they were really diligently made, so I hope everyone will use them in their everyday lives
The next one-man show in Sendai.
I haven't really been to that area too often, but because everyone there is always cheering for me, I want to bring the best sound possible!
So please look forward to it.
Really, thank you so much to the fans, staff, friends, and above all my parents and family who have given me such a fun experience.
Let's keep up this energy until the Final performance at Shin-Kiba!
I'll be enjoying the great vibrations from tonight's show for a while