It's Minami.

Our next stops on the 'One Man' tour are Fukuoka and Okinawa. And not much longer after that is the Final!

Speaking of which, the other day we held our first audition for the 'One Man Final' and all kinds of people showed up. We'll be announcing the results really soon! Oh, another thing! Not only will 'One Man Final' be the first time during CREAM's 'One Man' run that we'll have back-up dancers, but there are so many more things we have in the works that I'm not able to share yet due to "reasons." I'll be sure to tell you all once I get the okay, though! This news isn't exactly new, but 'Final' will be completely different from the other 'One Man' performances we've done at the previous six locations. CREAM TEAM members, wherever you are! Come hang out with us during your golden week vacation, lol. I promise you'll have lots of fun — we can even go straight to the after-party at ageHa afterwards, too! #BUCHIAGE

I can't wait to go to Fukuoka and Okinawa. I wonder if it'll be warm? I'm worried about the pollen levels, though. My allergies have been terrible lately... It's awful... I can't stop sneezing, and my eyes hurt so much! It feels like someone's taking a needle and going, "Poke, poke, poke!" right into my eyeballs, you know? I envy everyone out there without allergies, because this is seriously killing me, lol. My makeup won't stay on because tears keep running down my face and my nose is constantly dripping snot! I feel so ugly, lol. I've tried taking antihistamines, but even that's not doing much good anymore. Ughh! Please let there be no pollen in Fukuoka!!

Okay, I'll stop talking about that now, lol. Sorry!

Oh! Another thing! I think this every time I write my blog, but what kind of things would you like to see me talk about here, CREAM TEAM? Give me your ideas! You can even tweet me. ♡ I need more topics to write about. Besides, if I'm going to write anything at all, I'd like it to be something you guys are interested in. Anyway, it's about bed time for me. Tomorrow's an early day after all,


Love you!

Love x Infinity