Solo Final!!!


Last week's Solo Final ended well.

Thanks to all who came!

It's been a lonely week after the event, but I've had some time to reflect on my performance. I've thought up so many new things to try, and I am just full of happy feelings. Ahh, I really want to relive the day of the Final.


During this tour, and especially during the final, many of my dreams came true. I went straight from the live performance at Studio Coast +to the after party at Ageha. Performing with the band set, dancers, our wonderful featured guests,and everything else has made this concert the best live performance thatCREAM has ever done. It was certainly the most fun. The VERY best



Between our 2nd album and our 3rd album, there was a span of two years. We, along with Stax, were worried about a venue like Studio Coast being full, so we did DKDK HRHR. The way that the CREAM TEAM members from every area assembled was fantastic. I felt like I was going to cry the whole time. # I’m actually quite the crybaby. I’ve been making music with Stax for nearly nine years now, but finally getting up on that stage at Coast and doing a solo performance feels strange, even for me. I feel more motivated, and I think I know more clearly what kind of artist I want to become.

After the release of the next original album, it’s going to be an arena tour!lol#Dream Big


And I sang a new song on the final stage. Did the people at the final like the new song?It's not finished at all yet. The lyrics are still in English, and there is only one chorus, but it's a very CREAMY piece, so I was really excited to let everyone hear it. I have to finish that song this month, so I can get started on my next project!!!For certain reasons, I can't tell you what that project is yet, but everyone on the CREAM TEAM will definitely love it, so please look forward to it.


Love × Infinity





And I'd like to say "thank you" to all mothers.