Long time no see! I have an important announcement to make.


Blog! Stack - it's been a while.

It's so hot today! It's like summer.

A fine day for shopping! I found a shirt with a Habanero and hot spice pattern so I bought it. Lol

I walked around so much that I collapse and chill at home.

I was feeling a bit lonely today after finishing my job... and then I hear of some good news!
It was disclosed today that CREAM will perform for KID INK on their Japanese tour in Osaka and Tokyo!
It seems that some people have already heard this good news as some people spoke to me about it in Harajuku today. It seems everyone is looking forward to it!
I am really, really happy too - I remember listening to their free mix CD before they were famous!
We are the same age. No lies.
I am always following their activities and I have listened to most of their music. I am always going to their concerts. Even when I was in LA last time I found out they were playing so I went to buy a ticket. Unfortunately they were already sold out. They have been through a lot so I am really looking forward to their performance this time!
As well as this, a performance for Summer Fest has also been decided. This summer is looking hot!
There's some bad news amongst all this good news, though... The CREAM system is beig renewed next Monday - once finished, some videos will no longer be available to view. The CREAM TEAM apologies for the inconvenience after everyone's continued support. Please view the videos as much as you can until next Monday!
A new project will begin once the renewal process is over. I think everyone will like the new project!
I will announce the details of the new project on this blog first! In order to start the new project, unfortunately the deletion of some videos is unavoidable.
Some of the popular tour goods will soon be available for purchase on the CREAMERY! It's a perfect opportunity to buy the goods - especially for those who were unable to buy them at the concert, or for those who couldn't attend the concert.
Please also check out FLJ magazine and 411 magazine - available in store.
There is also an exciting overseas job at the end of this month - I just can't wait!