Hey~! Minami here! It's been a while!

Aaaah! I haven't blogged in a while.

How's everyone in CREAM TEAM+ doing? I'm doing great!

It's become so cold. Don't you smell a nostalgic scent every time the season changes?

These scents excite me for some reason! Do you smell them too? I like this season because I get to switch up my fashion

but I'm still not a fan of the cold. These days, after I'm done showering, I run to my futon naked and shiver inside of it for like 15 minutes before I change lol

Lately my style is all about oversized clothing♡ 

Check it out!

I've been wearing huge sizes like 5XL!

I'm wearing over-sized bottoms, too♡


There's gonna be so many events in Autumn and Winter! Which reminds me, Halloween is next week!

Have you decided on what you're going to be for Halloween? Me and Staxx have something planned together! Hehehehe. This year we will be doing Halloween shows at bijou, a new club in Fukuoka, on the 29th, and ATOM in Tokyo on the 31st. At these two venues we will be performing in our costumes! We hope to see you there :) 

Also our solo tour is coming up soon!

It's going to start next month on November 3rd at UMEDA AKASO in Osaka.

After that we'll be performing at LIQUIDROOM in Tokyo on November 4th, then at BEAT STATION in Fukuoka on the 22nd, and then at Electric Lady Land in Nagoya on the 26th, which will be our last performance of the tour. Thank you to everyone who got tickets! I get so excited looking at the pics you guys put up on Twitter and Instagram! I can't wait to see you guys!

If you haven't gotten tickets yet, you can get them from here:

〇e+: 〇PIA Tickets: 〇Lawson Ticket:


We'll be releasing merch soon so please look forward to that, too! The merch is sooo cute lol. I can't wait to get them myself lol


So anyways I think I'll go to bed now.

Good night

Love times infinity


P.S. We do Twitcasting livestreams every Wednesday! They are super chill so please tune in if you have the time!