About"CREAM TEAM+”??

What is "CREAM TEAM+”??

There are special privileges and lots of special contents such as the limited movie accessible only for membership holders or the right to purchase tickets earlier for those who register to become a member!
※"CREAM Official Web Site" is only available using PC or smartphone.

Also, from this timing of site-renewal, we've implemented the
"translation feature" for Non-Japanese speakers.

To translate, please press the swich button which locates upper-left side of each pages.

Service Content

When you become a dues-paying member of "CREAM Official Web Site", you can enjoy digital contents and advance reservation of event tickets.
If you wish to become a member, please choose payment method from below this page and proceed to the member registration.
After signing up for paid services, you can enjoy contents described below.

◯WEB contents only for membership holders
※Some contents update irregularly.

Contents list
+WALLPAPER Special wallpaper for smartphone only available at CREAM TEAM+!
+PHOTO CALENDAR Special photo calender for smartphone only available at CREAM TEAM+!
+VIDEO DIARY Precious candid shot movies of CREAM and message movie for CREAM TEAM+!
+MEMBERS BLOG Minami&Staxx T's limited blog only for members!
+FREEBIES Chance to win CREAM TEAM+ limited items by drawing lots!
Lots of limited goods only available at CREAM TEAM+!
+SONG OF THE DAY  Today's song for you from CREAM!
+CREAM MAIL MAGAZINE E-mail magazine delivery for members only!

About payment

This site offers a credit card settlement.

To registrate for a membership, please follow the procedure below.

Member registration procedure
  1. STEP1:Create a free CREAM ID from  the Sign up/new member registration page.
  2. STEP2:Go to the MY PAGE and proceed to the "Paid membership registration". 
  3. STEP3:Choose the payment method and register for a membership.
Credit card

Accepted credit card types


Payment method:At settlement method input screen, please fill in the credit card information.

■About Security code

Security code is a special kind of a code that is used for preventing unauthorized use of a card.
Please check following

  • - VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club : Three-digit numbers listed in the back side of the credit card
  • (Locates on the right of the main card number)
  • - American Express : The four-digit number listed on the front side of the credit card
  • (Locates on the upper right corner of the main card number)

If you cannot find or read the security code, please contact the bank or credit card company that are listed on your card.

Member registration