On a Monday you would pick me up at 5
You would lay beside me promise you'd stay…
And on Tuesday, you would catch me by surprise
With some chocolates and a velvet bouquet
And on a Wednesday & Thursday and on Friday
I got five days, I want all seven days oh
But every weekend are you with her
While I'm alone in this empty room
I want you all to myself
Boy I don't wanna share you with noone no more
But I hear thats what your giving her too…

It's that time to be selfish
Imma do what I got to do, its for me
I'm tryna be selfish
I don't share whats mine, whats mine is for me
Cause I'm hurting I'm angry the tears falling down
Never thought you could hurt me oh no…
Baby your selfish
Now the trust is gone I feel so alone
Gotta be selfish, selfish, selfish for once
Imma be selfish for me