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    Sayaka Shionoya 1st mini-album "S with" 【Normal disk】


    The recording-of & Short Ver. Movie of her collaboration track "Ima Mo feat. CREAM" with the popular multi-unit that features one vocal and one MC, CREAM, from her first mini-album, "S with", which will be released 10/28, will be first released on YouTube!

    Staxx T and Minami, members of the featured unit, CREAM, for this track, were responsible for the song lyrics and composition. Making use of Sayaka Shionoya's beautiful, carefree high-toned vocals, they put together a personally produced, glowing, edgy EDM track.
    Make sure to check it out!!
    YouTube : Sayak Shionoya "Ima Mo feat CREAM" Short Ver. Movie


    【Normal disk】CD only¥1.389+taxKICS-3208 

    1. Nagareboshi *session with Erik Lidbom[The theme song for nationwide-released movie "Nagareboshi Ga Kienai Uchi Ni"]
    2. Destiny feat. MLC
    3. Ima Mo feat. CREAM
    4. Miracle feat. August Rigo
    5. Konna Ni Mo Ai Shitetanda * session with SPICY CHOCOLATE
    6. Sky falls down *session with T-SK


    ■Sayaka Shionoya, Cream Event Performacne
    「#PARTY_UP! #006」produced by AQUA PRODUCTION
    Date 2015.10.16.FRI
    Time OPEN 23:00
    Venu ageHa (Shinkiba Studio Coast)
    Price Men:3,000yen / Ladies:2,000yen (ageHa Member 500yen OFF)
    Performers Sayaka Shionoya / CREAM / DJ KENTO / DJ FUMI★YEAH! / DJ YU-KI / BABY-T / FUMI / SLOTH